Fox College Libraries

Resources for Fox College/Vet Tech Institute students & faculty

Finding Books

The Dewey Decimal System was created by Melville Dewey in 1876.  He is considered the father of modern librarianship today.  The books in the Fox College libraries are organized in this manner.  Below is a chart detailing the classification system.

deweySource: Holmes County District Public Library

Please utilize our library catalog to find books. Or better yet, please stop in to either library and browse the shelves yourself!

Reference vs. Circulating

So what is the difference between a reference book and a circulating book?


Reference books are generally housed in a section separate from the circulating collection.  They are usually books that offer general background material such as encyclopedias and dictionaries.  Other types of reference books could even be atlases and medical source books.

These books are distinguished by the “R” in the call number on the spine of the book and must stay in the library.


Circulating books are anything else in the library that doesn’t qualify to be a reference book.  These books are free to checkout and can be recognized by the fact that they don’t have an “R” in the call number.


There are separate shelves located in each library that house the curriculum textbooks for each program.  These are just like circulating books in the library and must be returned.  Please do not take these books out of the library without checking them out properly first.