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Physical Therapist Assistant

Below are some carefully selected resources related to the physical therapist assistant profession as well as links to other helpful online resources.

Professional Organizations

Other Online Resources

  • The McKenzie Institute – Website devoted to the McKenzie Method in assessing and treating musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy – Organization that offers information relating to the state licensing examination for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants – the NPTE
  • Evidence-Based Practice/Medicine – This library guide from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill gives a good overview of EBM/EBP and also how to formulate a PICO question.
  • Center for Evidence-Based Medicine – An organization from within the University of Oxford, this page provides a tutorial on how to formulate a PICO question and asking focused questions.
  • PT Haven – Has links to anatomy and physiology websites as well as other physical therapy resources.
  • Health Information Translations – Website providing translations of health information in multiple languages
  • EthnoMed – This website offers patient information related to international cultures.
  • PT Talk – Blog from the Advance for Physical Therapists and Assistants magazine
  • Move Forward PT – Consumer health information site of the APTA
  • PT Now
  • HON Foundation – The Health on the Net Foundation offers linking to credible sources of information that must meet a certain criteria.
  • Therapy Scout – Information on jobs for PT’s, PTA’s, OT’s and OTA’s.
  • ICD-10 – The International Classification of Diseases diagnostic tool from the World Health Organization
  • Prescribers’ Digital Reference – An online informational database for drugs, symptoms, etc.

Open-Access Articles

Below is a link to a database of articles from the Digital Commons Network specifically aimed at topics in Physical Therapy.  If you find that PubMed and Google Scholar are not working for you, try this database of full-text articles for your research.